Course introduction

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COURSE STARTS 11th October 2021

Three comprehensive tutorials focusing on how to depict Spring flowers - tulips, daffodils and irises - in watercolour. Each session will cover three main aspects: LOOKING - What are the particular features of the chosen subject? DRAWING - Can we simplify our subject into familiar shapes? How can we capture 3d form and other detail? PAINTING - What colour mixing and/or painting techniques are most appropriate for the chosen subject?

Each tutorial includes:

  • 50-65 minute video.
  • Notes.
  • Reference photographs.
  • Exercise suggestions.
  • Discussion area to post work-in-progress and finished paintings (optional) for peer to peer advice and support.
  • Personal tutor advice and support, given via email (up to twice a session) MASTERCLASS STUDENTS ONLY.

The tutorials will be uploaded over three weeks (by 9am GMT on Mon 11th, 18th, 25th October), with a further three weeks to revisit tutorials and complete projects. You can work at your own pace over the six weeks, after which the course ends (on 22nd November.

Before the course starts check that you have adequate art materials and watch the short techniques video. Techniques will be covered in more depth as appropriate during the sessions. You may also wish to source subject matter (though there will always be reference photographs).

If you are new to my Teachable courses you may wish to look around the site and experiment with posting an image. Perhaps you could introduce yourself in the non-art news folder?

(Be aware that the Tulip, Daffodil and Iris sessions won't be visible until the course starts).

This course runs from 11th October to 22nd November. Over the first three weeks I will upload the different sessions, but you will still have a further three weeks to revisit the videos and notes. As this course is self paced you can work on the exercises and projects in any order over these six weeks. At the end of the six weeks access to the course will expire.